Current State of 0.4 Audio

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Current State of 0.4 Audio

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Now that I'm committed to using 0.4, once again I am bothered by the broken sound. To make it more tolerable I started creating replacement files for 1voicemale.ogg, announcerGO.ogg, etc... but the mixing is terrible and grind.ogg doesn't trigger at all. I am guessing the whole thing needs to be rewritten? Does SDL2 also create a problem?

Lately I've been a bit inspired to start making assets for this game again. I want to hone in on an aesthetic that unifies the textures, cockpit, sounds, and music — and I wouldn't mind some input on where this game is headed. There are countless of lightcycle games out there and they all look roughly the same: All tacky. Visual abominations. I think Arma could really stand out if we can capture a look that says "high art."

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Re: Current State of 0.4 Audio

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The mixing is handled by SDL, we do no mixing (except for the cycle engine sound, I believe, but even that's turned over to SDL).

I really hope my schedule opens up at some point, because I'd totally just do an OpenAL backend and give up on SDL for sound.

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