Armagetron Marketplace

What do you want to see in Armagetron soon? Any new feature ideas? Let's ponder these ground breaking ideas...
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Armagetron Marketplace

Post by apparition »

Welcome to the Armagetron Marketplace!

If you can program, code, design, enhance, or hack Armagetron and are willing to be hired for a specific task, post your abilities/services and prices here.

If you are willing to buy someone's services, please post what you'd like done here.

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Re: Armagetron Marketplace

Post by Word »


3d/2d graphics (but still learning, of course)

tell me what to do....

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Re: Armagetron Marketplace

Post by Luke-Jr »

My services:
- Managed high quality Armagetron hosting (prices, starting at $7 or €5 /mo)
- Shell accounts and Virtual Private Servers -- both unmanaged and managed (prices, starting at $3 or €2 /mo)
- Custom coding, including Armagetron development (contact me with your goal for a quote)

My products (contact me with the license terms you want for a quote):
- Armagetron web control panel (also available with VPS for $3 or €2 /mo)
- Armagetron Glicko-2 ratings system

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Re: Armagetron Marketplace

Post by K-Yo »

What I do:
web engine (or however it is called) for tournaments/mathes/teams/statistics/...

my price:
I'm in no need for money, doing it to learn and because I like the community
(but if you got too much money...)

release date:
I hope I can have a first (but stable) draw up for next december

Others people on the project:
Luzifer (Graphics and Design master)
Sine & Concord (Not sure yet of their roles =P)

I can also name sol, which isn't active a lot but gives money to host CT servers (and wouldn't mind a bit coming back with donations iirc =P)

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Re: Armagetron Marketplace

Post by theroze »

What i can currently do:
Everything what contains Graphic. (2D), and some WebPage/Design Language.

In near/far Future:
Some PHP and Bash hacking is on my list..dunno if I can help with that.

my price:
K-Yo wrote: I'm in no need for money, doing it to learn and because I like the community
(but if you got too much money...)
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Re: Armagetron Marketplace

Post by nsh22 »

My Skills:
I can cook/bake :P, also recipe design.
Joomla setup.
Graphic Signatures (not very good though)
Beta tester
Map Maker

recipe design (lol)-free
Sigs-free (for basic) up to $5 (CAD obv :P)
anything else, ask for a quote :P
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Re: Armagetron Marketplace

Post by Lacrymosa »

What I can do:

Graphic design (2D) and Web Design (HTML, CSS)
Setup and design of some CMS

As K-Yo already said, I am involved with his project, but there is not much I can do at the moment besides creating some conceptual designs.

Feel free to contact me if you need help with something, there is no need for money, at least not for the smaller jobs.

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Re: Armagetron Marketplace

Post by noob_saibot »

I bake cookies for tron youtube video watchers.

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Re: Armagetron Marketplace

Post by Mecca »

What I do: Graphics (banners, avatars, signatures)

Prices: errr... idk?

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Re: Armagetron Marketplace

Post by bAcklash »

What I do: Make forums accounts for aliases players.

Price: For free you get a forum account. But for £5 you get an email with the forum account.

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