Improvements: Resource repository

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Improvements: Resource repository

Post by philippeqc »


Here are some improvements that should be made to the resource repository.

Have the link available in an intelligent location
(Might it be worth its own tab on the main page?)

Registration should probably be made by other means that email/pm. (Could this be coupled with the forums account?)

3. is down at the moment

Can someone have a stab at either of these problems?


*) The current download is, to my eye, difficult to grasp quickly. Also, the betas are near hidden at the bottom. Another separation could be to have 3 horizontal tabs in the download page, one for current download, one for betas, one for resources.
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Post by wrtlprnft »

I think the resource repository should use armathentication, with the restriction that the ID can't contain slashes (Maybe escape them with %2F, but that would be complicated to manage on the server). I'll see if I can do that if you all agree. works for me right now, but it's not always perfectly reachable :-(
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