Moved ~/.armagetronad/ folder

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Re: Moved ~/.armagetronad/ folder

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Sorry to necro-bump, but as someone with OCD trying to clean up his ~/ directory, this is getting to me. :P I'd look at doing the work myself if I could easily find a repo.
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Re: Moved ~/.armagetronad/ folder

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Mind, this all affects 0.4 builds only. If you want a clean home directory with default builds, you would have to switch to that, then you can delete ~/.armagetronad. Alternatives:
- use the flatpak distributions; they have a special place for user data even on 0.2.9 because not giving apps access to your whole home directory is the flatpak way. They won't take over old configurations, though.
- the mechanism for using the XDG standard directories is already present in 0.2.9; if you compile from source, you can enable it by adding

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CXXFLAGS=-DUSER_DATA_DIR='\"$${XDG_DATA_HOME}/ArmagetronAdvanced\"' -DUSER_CONFIG_DIR='\"$${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/ArmagetronAdvanced\"' -DAUTORESOURCE_DIR='\"$${XDG_CACHE_HOME}/ArmagetronAdvanced/resource\"'
to the start of your configure script invocation. That's what the flatpak scripts do. Again, that won't take over your old configuration automatically.

Of course, after doing any of that, you can check the directory help menu where stuff ended up and then move over your old files manually.
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