Camera problem

Anything about how you get those awesome core-dumps, or why you don't get them...
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Re: Camera problem

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Phytotron wrote:It just seemed you might have been implying I play high rubber servers or something
Perish the thought. I think I can safely say we both hate high rubber servers.
Phytotron wrote:I think Mud Puddle actually has too much rubber
Phytotron wrote:"free for all."
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Re: Camera problem

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I never see you fucksticks playing low rubber.

Pretentious dickgobblers.

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Re: Camera problem

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/dev/null wrote:I never see you fucksticks playing low rubber.
Shrunkland and Bebop in Harlem are "my" servers. I also half-or-so designed 'Original Arcade.' Those are the only servers I'm interested in.

I just plain don't play anymore.

Pretentious dickgobblers.
Consistently, needlessly hostile homophobe.

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