Fortress Defence

Anything about how you get those awesome core-dumps, or why you don't get them...
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Fortress Defence

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Ok, I can play well. Not a great player, but not a noob.

I just cannot figure out Fortress defence. If you don't cover up the center people center-attack.
If you cover up the center people come right in cause there is a huge gap.
What do you do? I dunno.

Please help me,
iRock AKA Pin

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Re: Fortress Defence

Post by sinewav »

Read EVERYTHING at the following link, then come back if you still have questions. We'll know if you read it by the quality of your next post, so be careful what you say. If we see you are not making effort, don't expect a lot of help in the future.

Fortress Guide

Good luck, and happy tronning.

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Re: Fortress Defence

Post by Word »

(my backup of Concord's former blog, the articles are mostly written by him) ... enge_Board
this image shows you the classic way to lock center
here's a video from uNk that explains no point holing:
and this one is from me and shows a simple center attack:

(The maximum number of URL's is stupid)

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Re: Fortress Defence

Post by syllabear »

Watch someone else defend, copy them... Especially if they aren't dying a lot
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