Battle of the Lobster Cages

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Battle of the Lobster Cages

Post by KamP »

Well even though i don't see many people playing here (yet, i hope) i've still managed to come up with some theories on its future.

I was playing one on one with this guy, and i was really loving the more maze friendly settings
So i was messing around, having a blast in my zone, though on the other hand, the guy i was playing with who was trying to put on offensive pressure, wasn't having the ebst time. It would come down to me dying.
Led me to believe that BotLC would be a highly defensive oriented fortress. Not like CVS fortress defense, though, no circling. Old fashioned boxes in place defense :). That was good.

Then i decided to go out. And i rediscovered the Lobster Turbo. If there's such thing as an offensive weapon in tron, that's it. Turns you instantly into a one man missile, not unlike the first ever strategy created for the original fortress :) .

So the way it looks right now, defense will be a good position for people like me who love sitting in place. Offense will be good for... people that like to go fast, which is most of the people in tron these days. Cool times. I'm looking out for more people to show up :)

Joe, maybe you should make sure the title tells that it's a fortress server.
Battle of the Lobster Cages: FORTRESS

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Post by goferman »

Heh i look forward to sitting back and waiting for you to move while you do the same for me kamp. :D
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Post by DrJoeTr0n »

I felt putting in FORTRESS was kind of lame to put in the title. So I tried really hard to kind of insinuate that its a fortress server, with making it The Battle Of The Lobster Cages, I guess i could try it for a few months and then remove it. :wink:

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Post by longballlasch »

This server is great I like my ping -60 and it the boost is different at best.

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