Fortress strategies - practical

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Fortress strategies - practical

Post by gnorty »

In the FDortress thread above, there has been much speculation about good/bad strategies, what works, what doesn't etc, and I thought it would be cool ifsome of the theory could be practicesd in a "controlled" environment.

I was thinking along the lines of 1 team purely defends, the other purely attacks, trying the different methods out, and seeing what works for you and what doesn't. Of course you can do this on the main server, but I think that you could iron out the flaws much better in such a concentrated test.

I notice that luci has had a server running for a couple of days which doesnt seem to get much use, maybe that could be used, but it doesnt matter really, lag etc would not be so important, it is more about solidifying the theory.

As properly tested techniques are worked out, the combined knowledge could be shared and posted, so newbs could look at it and see why people do the things they do, and why their random wiggling screws things up.

Of course, maybe I am just blowing smoke from my backside, but I think it's a good idea. Any opinions?

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Post by Phytotron »

As to using Lucifer's as a testing ground, the settings in Lucifer's Fortress are significantly different than in z-man's. It's somewhat difficult to know whether the same strategies would be equally as effective there. They may be, with some tweaking, but my experiences don't shed much light on the matter, as I've really only had two games there.

One was early on when it still had a map and there were only a few of us playing (including Lucifer, our mom, and hanger), and somewhat randomly. He was also still messing with the settings at the time.

The second was just recently, no map, but there were only ever maybe five or six of us total playing. Z-man was there at one point, as were tard, 5, and diggin. My approach to defense still seemed to have validty, and actually may have worked better there.

Anyway, perhaps the point is this: Thus far all the strategies suggested have been in reference to z-man's Fortress and the settings there. If more fortress servers pop up in the future, each with differing settings, then each may have different strategies that work better, just as it is in regular free-for-all. If, no-god forbid, someone eventually sets up a fortress with a gagillion rubber, higher speed, longer or shorter tail lengths (I've no idea how infi-tails could ever work), or whatever, the strategies will obviously be different. There are a lot of factors that go into it.


As far as putting a pure defense against a pure offense, I'm thoroughly confident that with the right personnel working together, a purely defensive team could win every time against any offense.

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