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Team Strategies go here, if you want to share that is...
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Re: Getting better Q&A

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blondie wrote:This threat is about getting better at playing the game. Ask a question or answer one.
Lucifer wrote:In a free for all team environment, 's the best approach for two-player teams?

Do you split up and treat it like a standard deathmatch, or do you work together to go after individual/pairs?
Together, for sure. Fonkay and I always teamed up back in the days of your Team BiH and such, and wiped the grid clean. We never much discussed a particular strategy; our playstyles just naturally complimented each other really well. 'Course, any chance one of you gets to take someone out 1-on-1, you take it.

But most of the time we worked as a team. Basketball analogy, since 'tis the season: I reckon we played like a combination of zone defenses. She would be like a traditional 2-3, whereas I was more like the matchup zone Pitino employs here. A matchup zone combines elements of a traditional zone with man-to-man, with certain cues that trigger a switch between them. This puts a lot of pressure on the opponent while protecting yourself, forcing turnovers and yadda yadda. Other times we might combine to do like a box-and-one or triangle-and-two, with Fonkay playing the zone defenders while I played straight up man.

To put it in terms of Pac-Man ghosts (read the comment about Clyde): She was like the Inky and Clyde, while I was Blink and Pinky. :ghost: :ghost: :sdot: :sdot: :pacman: :sdot: :sdot: :ghost: :ghost:

Overall, in more generic terms, her role was mainly to keep opponents occupied, cutting them off and corralling them, so I could then come in and lay the lumber. Often times it would work out in such a way that she would box in tight both myself and the opponent, forcing a result, leaving only the hole for the resulting core dump to let the victor out. Super fun.

That matchup zone is how I came to play FFA solo, by the way. Very effective. Play the arena, all the walls. Lurk around and pick and choose opportune moments to strike, sometimes not even engaging directly. If you do go one-on-one, take a few jousting/dueling shots, but if there's no resolution move on to another target. Don't waste time chasing around and focusing on only one player and the immediate vicinity of their cycle. After all, it's a race to points.

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Re: Getting better Q&A

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If you want to get better at tron, they arent the answer. They barely even play, and when they do, its a very narrow version of tron.

I play all the trons, and I pride myself in making newbies into gods.

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