Meta & nitpicking (SPLIT)

Post here if you need help setting up your server, etc.
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Re: Meta & nitpicking (SPLIT)

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Re: Meta & nitpicking (SPLIT)

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The first post gives basically no information at all, but im guessing a computer in the dmz cannot connect to one outside of it, or vice versa.

This is quite common, for the machines on the lan that cant connect to the one on the outside ip, youll need to add routes manually. This is required because the machines arent on the same network, so lan connections will not see anything. Its also required for seeing them on the server because it reports an ip address that loopbacks to you. Youll will need to add manual routes to get around that issue or have full dns control over both your internal and external networks.

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Re: Meta & nitpicking (SPLIT)

Post by Light »

I'm assuming this is a LAN server and you're trying to connect with your WAN address? If I'm incorrect on the issue, you may want to post something to clarify this.

So, first off, if you're expecting outside connections, you should forward your ports. We will need to start off with obtaining a static IP for the local network.
Debian / *buntu ... -on-ubuntu
You'll have to Google for Mac, as I've never bothered. Probably similar to Linux on a Debian distribution.

So, now that we've got that, we need to forward the ports. Find your router model, and the program will not matter given you know your port(s) that need forwarded. ... rindex.htm

Okay, the stuff you're not really gonna see is done. You can test most services by checking the port is open at CanYouSeeMe. Note that this won't work for things such as Armagetron servers.

Now, if you're trying to use a domain to connect to your server, it's very likely set to use your WAN IP, rather than LAN IP. If you're unable to connect because of this, we can locally modify the destination of the domain by modifying the hosts file. Use that page to get the location of the file on your operating system!

Note you'll likely have to open this as root or admin on your OS. You can go to the bottom of the file and create a new line. Type your LAN IP address that you set earlier when creating a static IP, or if you're using it on the local machine, you can use as the IP. Add a tab, then the domain you wish to use. So, if your domain was, you'd be rich, but here's the example .. :P

Code: Select all
You should now be able to connect to it, given the server is properly functioning. I guess you could also just test with the current LAN IP before going through all that as well for basic functions.

Hopefully my assumptions of your issue was correct? If you need help understanding or completing any of this, feel free to post back.

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Re: Meta & nitpicking (SPLIT)

Post by Durf »

I think this topic...was dead. And you guys bumped it. (was split from another thread as "nitpicking", I think the main issue was solved in the other thread; not sure though)


Light, you write up pretty nice tutorials. You need to have your own forum to post in, because every time you answer a concern, you end up writing something that everyone can use. It would be a shame to see them get lost in the mess of these forums; they need to be put in a place where any noob can find them (because these questions get asked over and over again).
(side note about that - I was going to have a spot on my website for ppl to write up any tutorial they wanted...I will get around to it soon hopefully; so if not here, there will at least be somewhere with easy to access tutorials).

Overall wd +1

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