Moderator abuse by loc

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Moderator abuse by loc

Post by chrisd »

I am reporting moderator abuse by loc in the classic submarine server. He was admin killing
the player Dark repeated for no good reason this evening (around 19:00 CET). The reported
reason was that Dark was 'mazing on his own'. This 'rule' makes no sense, though. It is quite
easy to enclose and kill players who do this.

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Re: Moderator abuse by loc

Post by Light »

You will need to speak to an admin or owner of the server. That's not something any of us on the forums handle. We have no control over the server itself, and we can only prevent the server or players from utilizing master servers, which would not be done in a case like this.

Sorry for bad news, but you'll have to try and talk to whoever is in control of that server. Alternatively, there are other yellow sub servers you can play in. Generally, people just visit whatever server has people in it, so it shouldn't be too tough to get people to play in another server.

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