Fondest Tron Memories

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Fondest Tron Memories

Post by apparition »

Probably the fondest memories I have are when I first started playing and just learning all the language and complexities of the game environment. How to customize the game, colors, trails, etc. I realized quickly that it was really cool to become a mod of a server and have the power to silence, ban, kick, etc., so I played in an old Durka Durka Land server a lot. Got pretty good quick and started Wall Tigers clan (because wall bugs weren't strong enough to kill us). Then Durka made me a mod and I started getting more invested in the game and moved onto the best game modes of all - sumo/fortress. My first time voice chatting was with sinewav, noobsaibot, 1200, Concord, and hoop during Ladle 30. That was such a fun experience. And joining Crazy Tronners was the best decision I made. Winning Ladle 42 with Crazy Tronners A and finally getting that Ladle winner badge on the CT forums felt amazing...

I had so many good friends in this game. I miss you guys and I hope you're all doing well.
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by delinquent »

I honestly miss the days when CTWF was packed.
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by kyle »

first, Appppppaaa :), sorry we kicked you for you long inactivity :P

delinquent wrote:I honestly miss the days when CTWF was packed.
Upvote, My favorite time was that first summer I played, the summer of 2007. Late US nights playing CTWF with the gang; Jenna, Play, n00b, root, syllabear, kilerbees, carlton, fish, potato, lag, 3dot and many others who's names I keep editing into this. Back when chico was 32 axis, twice what it is now, and no one wanted to grind, until I convinced them too :) Probably around 30 - 40 maps, some of which I had made. Those were the days when we played for fun and not for rank.

If I knew we could find a set time to play it again, for an hour or 2, I'd spend a little more time getting the servers back in a more operational state, we no longer have, so new clients cannot download the maps. But the downfall is there are probably not that many random new players joining, phones are where everything is going. in fact i'd probably play a lot more if we had it on the phone.
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by sinewav »

kyle wrote:...phones are where everything is going. in fact i'd probably play a lot more if we had it on the phone.

Unfortunately there are no phone-based lightcycle games that are comparable to Armagetron, which is too bad because my phone is the only place I play games these days.
apparition wrote:My first time voice chatting was with sinewav, noobsaibot, 1200, Concord, and hoop during Ladle 30. That was such a fun experience.
I'm glad that made your list. It's also one of too many fond memories I have of this game.

I actually feel a deep sense of loss regarding this game and I'm kind of having a hard time dealing with it. I've even tried looking for research related to coping with the loss of community, but I can't find anything specific (mostly of what I find deals with ageing and end of life issues). It's not entirely about this diminished community so much as that combined with all the radical changes in my life about this same time. I feel the game meant more to me than most because it was my creative outlet, and now I look back at this digital "art" and get very deep and philosophical about it.
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by Word »

Hey appa :-) how are things?
sinewav wrote:I've even tried looking for research related to coping with the loss of community, but I can't find anything specific (mostly of what I find deals with ageing and end of life issues). It's not entirely about this diminished community so much as that combined with all the radical changes in my life about this same time. I feel the game meant more to me than most because it was my creative outlet, and now I look back at this digital "art" and get very deep and philosophical about it.
Man, I haven't researched this like you did but I sometimes feel exactly the same way. If there was a physical place where we had regularly met, I'd say I'm "homesick". I bet what you describe is uncharted territory for most of today's psychologists and will be regarded as a serious mental health problem in a few years, once all these larger gaming communities die out...the best advice I can give - if I may, is, find new outlets. I have a student job now where I help build a video recording studio for our university. I learn a lot about sound and video recording/editing and can help with my 3D/photography skills (also, everyone there is better at playing guitar than I currently am, hahaha). The only trade-off is that it's keeping me from finishing the (archaeology) master thesis as fast as I want, but soon I can combine both things (by making an interactive master-thesis-related app and an archaeology-themed podcast once my thesis is finished). You already have all of those audio/video/3d/programming skills, not to mention the creative drive/artistic college education, so I guess all you need to actively look for is another opportunity/cause/passion where you can apply those.

I still look in the mirror sometimes and say to myself, "I'm word, leader of pru, and everyone else can eat wall", like I did a decade ago. ;-)

Fondest tron memories:

My first day when I was kicked out of CTWF and then played in Yellow Sub for a month. A player named Elmer Fudd whom I only saw 3 or 4 times there, who said he was paraplegic and taught me how to doublebind. I still wonder what happened to him.

Opeth, tags, CCC, tomb, Sliktor, and Ai and me in CTF against sine, Viper, MrFusion, and some others in Ww CTF.

When Luffy and Gaspard were the only french guys in CTF and couldn't stop bickering.

My first CTF tournament at 1 or 2 AM in the morning. We got owned, I don't even remember by which teams, but I really liked how the Wild West and ID members had a true sense of harmony then and how all of them played like a clockwork - or at least that's how it seemed to me. That was the night when I felt like I "got" what good teamplay in CTF is supposed to look like. Luckily, my parents didn't hear me. The next day at school, I was sleeping during the religion lesson and the teacher singled me out in front of the class, but it was worth it, at least on that one day. I had a crappy sleep-wake rhythm for the following years, but that had little to do with Armagetron - if anything, Armagetron made it easier.

That one match against TX which we won thanks to a failed torpedo.

I still feel bad for not letting Absynth play during some fortress wars or ladle rounds/matches - he just accepted it and never complained. I try not to dwell on the recent past too much (it's different with the archaeological past), but sometimes, I still check the cache version of his old site, or the newspaper articles. Well, I don't want to appropriate his story, but he sometimes talked about his parents, and in retrospective I felt (and still feel) like everyone on Armagetron knew him better than his parents did, and I mean that in a happy way.

Concord's blog.

kyle, voodoo, pike and almost the whole CT/arrow crowd.

Sine's cartoons and artistic advice. I don't want to point out a specific one, but quite frankly, before that, I've never known what encouragement is like. From my father I sure as hell didn't get any, and still don't, but it doesn't really bother me anymore as it did then.

When Phytotron sent me a PM after I made a grammatical error; I think I could need some of those again.

Those religious/political discussions we had here shaped my worldview in a way school could never, but should have. If playing the game itself provided the escapism I needed and desired at the time, then the forums and the conversations within Arma were more real, important and urgent to me than most things discussed at our school, in my local newspaper, and TV news - they provided me with some realism and gave me a sense of my place in the world. Ww Levi successfully applied for a job by adding that he had gained some "leadership experience" while being in Ww. While I'm somewhat hesitant to try the same, I'm sure there's a lot one can learn just from reading and discussing all these clan applications or playing an organized match against worthy opponents, with an impatient crowd mumbling in the background. You make decisions, you **** up, you improvise and just try to get things done and understand how people want different things and expect different things in return. Self-confidence comes almost automatically - not the kind of shallow showmanship but an inner balance based on the awareness/experience what you can do by saying a certain thing at a certain time. Mostly thanks to the application process, I have an almost scary ability to predict correctly how people behave in situations that resemble those I have encountered while being part of the Armagetron community, and I simply *know* how to react. I feel like I've seen a lot of it before, and that makes me feel well-prepared.

The devs keeping themselves in the background and making all this work.

Talking to Eggman, Hamar, Sixzero, tomb or Ai to get a different perspective on things whenever you're not sure how to deal with an issue. I still have friends whom I can talk to, but I don't talk to them as openly or as frequently as I used to talk to them. That's probably a good thing though - I don't have much to talk about and I'm not staring at an instant messenger 24/7 anymore.

When everyone was so hyped about the Tron sequel and then it turned out to be a relatively shitty film but so many players kept playing the game in spite of that, because it was good in its own right.

And the Yukon-thread. Never gets old.
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by kyle »

Some other memories have spurred too, some good some bad.

Remember the "x f***ers " wiki edit I did (man that turned into a long thread and a new era of the game. It was really one of the first changes to the ladle. Making brackets randomized from there on out. I still feel bad for the way I treated Your Mom after he banned me from the wiki. Going back to it, the wiki edits never really did tell the correct story. I put it there as a joke, long enough for those on IRC to see. I made the edit to change it back, but alex had already pushed the change to change it back, so it looked as if I did not correct it.

First time playing Chico's eye. It was the first time I met ct|ed on grid. Seeing him actively test new maps, is what prompted me to make maps in the first place. Hex was born in CTWF soon after that :)

If anyone ever wondered why it took me a month to post after registering on CT forms, I initially registered because I was kicked from CTWF :)

There were also several times, where I was taking programming classes and this was a good extra learning opportunity, Sometimes I'd learn ahead of the class with things i did here. Now I am a bit ashamed of my code, I honestly had no clue what I was doing for a lot of it, I just managed to get it to work how i wanted. (damn pointers)

Smoothice and me working to add CTF to 0.4 (I think it still workes for the most part, just were a few odd bugs at times)


In response to what sinewav said. There is always a part of this game in us, you warned us of the death around the time of the peak, when you, me flex and some others discussed the "new" ladle regulations. It was sad that all those rules were needed to keep everyone playing fair an honest, I don't blame the rules, I blame the people who required us to write the rules. I still read forums from time to time, I think a day will come for the remaining tronners to take back the grid and rebuild it and let the phonex rise from the ashes. As we still hold the torches, we never got the chance to pass it onto a new generation of tronners, because the phone is where they live.


P.S. Happy Pi day everyone
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by Monkey »

On the whole, the people were better in the early days of this game, there is no doubt about that and it's the people that make the game what it is. Even though my best memories were of playing Fortress (Fort Cafe was my favourite server), I have fond memories of both playing and chatting with people on other servers, even some where the game type was not my cup of tea really. It's such a shame that the morons came along over time and destroyed this community. I really believe that is what happened, it's not just a case of everyone leaving due to commitments (many people would have still participated in these forums and other things if they liked the community).

When/if this game is reborn, the Arma police idea needs to be implemented and we need to be strict about what behaviour we do and don't allow; in my opinion we've been far too soft on troublemakers.

I can relate to what sinewav is saying in that this game was an outlet for me too.
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by Lucifer »

Great, so now we need an armagetron support group. Like our todo lists weren't already too long. ;)

(side note, there's a high probability I'm going back to the hospital to detox in the next few days/week. I'll bring up the idea of a "communal death" and the sense of loss when I talk to a shrink again. It's worth noting that if I were trying to quit drinking while we still had a highly active and friendly community, it goes without saying that that would be helpful)

I get the leadership stuff, and being particularly me around here has actually scored real life accomplishments away from the game. Not necessarily Big Deal stuff, but stuff nevertheless.

While we're reminiscing, I'm going to say a few "I told you so"s in response to old arguments never really settled.

1. Playing video games makes the world a better place and translates to real accomplishments in people's lives. I told you so, and several of you have now confirmed that.

2. Online communities can flourish and lead to increased quality of life and real accomplishments in people's lives. I told you so.

3. If we were to start a regular tournament in this game, it would lead to higher competition with the potential to change people's lives for the better. 2020 told you so.

I think that's it. :)


Dinosaurs with Hats is my favorite armagetron story to tell in real life. For any of you who remember, that "clan" was all the anti-clan people: Dr Joe Tron, Me, Oscilloscope (now Phytotron), Fonkay, Tank Program, wrltrlprnft (or whatever the **** his name is), and Your_mom. Nemostultae (now DLH) may have been in it, too. Tank only played once that I'm aware of, and I my have missed a few, but it was fun times mocking clans like we were. I think this counts as a final unmasking and naming of names, so I hope Dr Joe Tron sees this thread and chimes in. For any of you who don't know, we had a Real Clan Problem where people were forming clans left and right, starting all these dumb territorial wars, and general pissing on everybody. Several of us met on Joe's server and decided to form a "clan" that had ridiculously long clan tags that forced us to use single digits for our actual player names. When you look at that list of names in this clan, you probably get the feeling that in 2007 (or so, when we did this) that there really was a clan of unbeatable players. So, we'd invade a server where there were other clan-members who were behaving badly (*cough* SP *cough*) and hustle them. First we'd play really badly, talking trash the whole time and parodying directly the people we were playing against, then after pissing everybody off, we'd win the next match, usually as a shutout, and ragequit, saying something mean about how nobody else was good enough to play with us. If we could have bet real money, we probably would have. Durka was on a hunt to find out who we really were, and suspected correctly who the key players in DWH were. :)

Good times. :)

There was the night I invented how we play Fortress now: everybody grinds. Your_mom was the defense on the opposing team, and we kept consistently getting in and winning, so he declared, quite frustrated, "You guys need to do what Luci is doing! I'm tired of losing."

My first sumo match was with Z-man, oddly enough. I think. It was him or Your_mom, back when the two cycles spawned in the middle of the zone, touching each other.

Collaborative mazing with Your_mom, and a few others (eggcozy would "collaborate", then core dump you because he got bored). Intentionally picking the best mazers and following them around during a regular match. All the grid games we played when we didn't feel like playing for points. Doing laps, etc.

The particular night when Breakfast in Hell became the server that earned the reputation it still has. Phytotron and Fonkay were on with me, and I said something like "I wonder what it would be like to make the game a little faster and in a smaller space", and thirty minutes later, we had the settings just right and I saved them to a file. Other people would come in and out, and we even had Your_mom in for awhile saying it was the best server now. And then the joke that developed because I was running a mail server on the same machine, so whenever there was extreme lag, someone would say "Luci got mail".

All the off-grid stuff. Like that time Spidey and I formed a freeciv team and Your_mom, Vanhayes, GodTodd, and Luke-Jr formed a team with the sole purpose of determining if they could beat me and Spidey. We spawned in a tundra wasteland and had a hell of a time getting our cities to grow, so we intentionally created pollution to cause global warming, and once the other team figured out what we were doing, they invaded and ended up winning. Spidey and I laughed our asses off when Your_mom said, in chat, "Is it possible they're *trying* to cause global warming? They live in tundra, after all...."

Scorched3d games were awesome, because that's just an awesome game.

I sometimes wonder if the reason I didn't do more development in that time period was because of our little gaming group that formed in the irc channel. Heh.

Then the flame wars on the forums, where on these forums, it looked like Luke-Jr and I were mortal enemies, but then we'd meetup in irc and play freeciv together, because we're both at least part sociopaths.

Then there was the immense support I got from this community during my divorce. There is a non-zero chance I may not have survived that experience, but the people here were really supportive. In 2009, if you had asked me if I had a reason to live, it would have been two words: "Armagetron Advanced". That was also the same time to big VCL-WW war was going on and Dr Joe Tron got all of us to flood those flame threads with silly MS Paint drawings.

Come to think of it, all the really awesome shit we all did because Dr Joe Tron thought it would be fun and useful, and if it wasn't useful, at least it was fun.

And finally, the biggest accomplishment I personally got from here was finishing my first book. All of the pre-readers for that book came from here. I still have a lot of work to finish my second book, and dealing with this big depressive episode + alcohol abuse is consuming literally all of my energy, but I'm confident I'll get it done soon anyway. I'm thinking about working on a rough draft for a different book to use as therapy, though. Maybe it's time to revisit The Gunman. ;)

Anyway, yes, we need to raise this phoenix, as Word appropriately misspelled, and, as you might expect, I have a plan in mind that's part self-serving, but mostly good stuff. :)

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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by Swampy »

I think I came in just as the game was at it's peak but I could be wrong. When I started the Breakfast of Champions server was full from the time I got home from work until after dinner. Eventually that got old so I started a clone and my own servers that became very popular.

I remember guys like FreeWheelin and Mandriva, Osc and Alphanumeric, Limette, löcutus, Xdude, Ca$h, TiTnAsS, Your_mom, SuPeRTaRD, Misery and a lot of other players that frequented the servers.

I still check in occasionally to see if anyone I recognize is playing but I never do. Glad to see you all still checking in once in a while, just like me.

Rock on
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by niin »

- Before you read this.. I hope I have this some how in understandable order. When I get into memories I sometimes don't follow an order more write how it comes in my mind. -

Well, well.. seems like this is the thread for story times.

I first discovered this game on a game collection CD with several other ones (like 60 I think). Back then I was a kid and there was nothing special I needed in a game to enjoy it. Played Single Player the whole time because I had no idea about Multiplayer nor did I know what I need to play it.

Some day the CD I had Armagetron on broke and I was left without the possibility to play.. After some years I then googled Armagetron and got here... It has been quite a while now.. Not too sure about how long because I lost my first account (nin).

When I then started playing online it was the time of DpG and LoT. A guy called Ubuntu got me into DpG although chrisd was already there back then ("be free!!!! Clanfree!!!"). Furthermore there were Tech, Metal, 16 and some other guys I should remember here but sadly can't.

It helped me through my school time especially English class. Never really had to study for a test and always went class best. Now that I don't play anymore my English gets rusty. (help)

Had good talks with Apple, plee, Word read my first book (manuscript) on English thanks to Lucifer... Good memories, good times.
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by blondie »

mostly just really great core dumps
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by sasser »

Holy Hell - APP!! I miss being on the grid and seeing your name pop up.

So many fond memories ... so many years ago. By far the earliest fond memory I have was one or two days after I convinced xStaticXer to try the game. We worked together and we would play during our lunch breaks. But it just happened that day was both the day that I knew xStaticXer was hooked - and the day that Durka had become overwhelmed and decided to hold a competition to award admin rights on DDL. The funny thing was I didn't know this was going on at all. I just happened to notice that if I was grinding on one particular wall I'd hit a wall tiger in the same place each time. I also noticed a few other players spending a lot of time for no foreseeable reason grinding on that same place - dying a lot in the process. After a few of them rage quit and left the wall open I went to inspect. Low and behold I found there was the narrowest of passageways in the wall. I actually found it by going along the wall while holding left glance. Once I knew it was there and right where it was it only took me a few tries with some well timed braking to get inside. The end of the corridor had a small room with a win zone. The other players on the server shouted a lot of complaints and voiced confusion when I abruptly ended the round in a way none of them saw coming. The best part was I just thought it was an interesting challenge. I was content in just figuring it out. I had no reason to think it wasn't there long before I found the game or the server. That was until later that day when someone ... and I can't remember who, but could very well have been the white "apparition" who informed me it was all a competition and I should get onto the DDL forum to claim my prize. Sure enough - a quick note to Durka and he responded with something to the tune of "what took you so long?"

I also miss being on the grid and seeing Angel or Amarok or nano or chrisd or (I know I'm forgetting a lot of names here ... there were a bunch from Australia ...) ... the ever so rare moments when Durka's name pop up. I know Durka was seen more often those days in sumo or other types of servers than on his own. But I mostly just spent my time there for the first year or so. One day Durka popped in ... at the end of one round he said "Hey you guys check this out!" ... and 4 bots joined for the next round ... named Durka1, Durka2, Durka3 and Durka4. They all had his colors ... and they seemed half way decent. But that was probably just from the confusion. At the end of that round all the durkas left the grid and there was no sign of him for the rest of the day or his clones ever again that I know of. Just a single round of chaos.

Mostly I just miss getting on and having options for which server to join. I'm on the west coast now and the EU servers are too far away for me to get a decent ping. More often then not I get online and there are just no players listed on any of the servers. It makes sense I guess. I can almost never find the time for such things myself. My many long stretches of time without launching armagetron are only overshadowed by my recent discovery that one of my old servers had been running armagetron-dedicated unattended and (I'm assuming) unused for several years (like ... 6?) ... I had completely forgotten I setup a server with the intention of "getting back in" and giving more options to others on the west coast.

The big question I have now is did I get that server running with the old DDL map. Way back when Durka gave me SSH access for a while to help him take care of something. I forget what it was now, but I couldn't help myself - I downloaded the cfg files. Mostly my intent at the time was just for lan use in the office (there were others in the office who played from time to time - anyone remember "bazelbub", deliberately spelled wrong?). Then just about a year later DDL was no more and I was so grateful I had those files.

Don't get me wrong. I'd rather play sumo or CTF if given the chance. But one of the things that made DDL so popular and welcoming to new comers was the simplicity. The grind happy settings Durka had dialed in were perfect. I'm not in touch with xStaticXer any longer but I bet he'd agree that if it wasn't for DDL he would not have become addicted. I'd just like to do something to get more players involved.

So no promises but I am going to make another attempt here to get a DDL clone online. Do you think if I build it ... they will come?

Of course Kyle and sinewav are right - what would really make a difference is a mobile port of armagetron. I'd love to be a part of that effort, but again - finding time for anything these days is a very rare thing. The one catalyst that would make this happen is finding a few young hipster devs and getting them hooked. I've done what I can when the opportunity presents itself, but I haven't managed to hook any hipster fish yet.
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by saragei »

My fondest tron memories go back to times. That would be around 2008 I think. There were the servers, a forum and many people forming something like a german Armagetron community. Here are some names I remember: Noob7 (who would later on set up the Yellow Submarine as a home of the "Secret Society of Anonymous Noobs" together with Noob13), Mixnetwork (owner of the Spacezone servers), Schwuli, CruZ, Vortex, Alien, Druuna, Pandemonium, Luzifer...
The most important person to me on Armagetron was owner Dominique aka Sylv aka Mr. Mxyzptlk. He hosted, his own server The Tavern, The Yellow Submarine and Angel's Cheers. He did so for years and years by the way, even though he wasn't being active in Armagetron matters anymore. Dominique died this April of gastric cancer. I was so lucky to meet him twice before this happened. For me he will always be the person who got this game vs. real life thing right. He was dedicated, albeit later on behind the scenes only. And he would never allow the game to affect his life negatively. I thank him for what he contributed to this community. He enriched my life in the two too short encounters we had.
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by Word »

saragei wrote:Dominique died this April of gastric cancer. I was so lucky to meet him twice before this happened. For me he will always be the person who got this game vs. real life thing right. He was dedicated, albeit later on behind the scenes only. And he would never allow the game to affect his life negatively. I thank him for what he contributed to this community. He enriched my life in the two too short encounters we had.
I'm so sorry. How old was he?
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Re: Fondest Tron Memories

Post by Spook »

My fondest tron memory was when everyone played this game, wish it was like the old days =(
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