Obstructive text in four player mayham

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Obstructive text in four player mayham

Post by Danfun64 »

I am running Armagetron Advanced Experimental v0.4_alpha_z2320 (and no, I have no intention to go to a stable, pre SDL2 build) and while having a single viewpoint works fine, the screen gets cluttered by obstructive text which makes Split Screen annoying.
I managed to remove a debug hud thing that normally would appear on the top right of the screen, but there's still too much obstructive text which I don't know how to remove.

Note that normally I run the game on a much higher resolution than 800x600, but the problem is pretty much the same no matter what resolution i'm using.

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Re: Obstructive text in four player mayham

Post by Monkey »

Hi there Danfun64. Welcome to Armagetron Advanced, or at least the forums anyway :)

There are two console commands that should fit your requirements. I can't remember what the default key is for the console though and I'm guessing that you know what the console is. Note that these commands can also be made permanent by putting them into an "autoexec.cfg" file that you make yourself and put into your config directory.The commands are as follows:

TEXT_OUT <number>

The first one makes the writing bigger or smaller, depending on the value of <number>.
The second one turns off text output altogether, when used with the value of '0' for <number>. To turn text back on again, use '1' as the value for <number>

I'm not sure if there is another command that reduces the size of the centre messages, in fact, I'm not entirely sure why you are even getting "Press and hold..." messages anyway.

Hope this helps you :)
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Re: Obstructive text in four player mayham

Post by vov »

The big center message is one of v0.4's tutorial messages. In addition to what Monkey said, add:
INCLUDE uphillbothways.cfg

If that somehow doesn't get rid of the center message, bind some keys to the asked things (probably for each player) and mash them a couple times. Takes longer but is the surefire way.

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