Armagetron to the next level ?

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Armagetron to the next level ?

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Sorry for my English .

I occasionally play Arma when i've got time to do it. I still enjoying it since the first day. But that days when i'm connecting to it i saw less and less players (My opinion maybe i'm wrong).

I'm usually play fort but now i see less players so we can't play proper fort cause we run out of players. I know there is laddles every month, but i'm not a laddle player.

What i want to do is get more people on arma (I know that more new peoples = more nabs) but if we take time to learn them some basics. It will be marvelous.

First when i found Arma it was on a free mac games website. So maybe we can make some actions to make arma more reachable to peoples who looking for a funny game for free.

Second i was thinking that maybe a proper Facebook FAN page (There's 4 on Facebook but not actives) can help to put the game on the highlights. Maybe share the Arma page on personal profils etc...

Third as you develop the android version it can be easier to reach more people for the computer version.

Forth get kind of academy (Not like the clans ones) where we have good players who teach newbies.

Things like that you know.

There's a development HUB with great guys work work on the game for the benefit of the others. It could have a kind of Marketing/Communication HUB to advertise the game.

Maybe it's pointless... Dunno...


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