I'm Retiring

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I'm Retiring

Post by LOVER$BOY »

Hello tronners! This is no late April fools joke, it's the real deal.

I have finally decided to retire from armagetron advanced. I have two reasons; one being that I am not getting any productivity out of this and the other is simply I am busy in my life.

I started playing tron since 2006. It all started when I found the game on our school computers. Daily between breaks I and my friends played on it in lan. So much fun and enjoyment I loved it a lot! Originally my name was changed a lot due to ny tastes but eventually became LOVER$BOY.

Then in early January 2007 I entered online multiplayer. There I found so many servers I was beside myself with happiness and excitement. I played in many servers and came to love racing and fortress the most. Originally I began in racing but also developed love for fortress.

Spacezone formula 1 was the racing server I loved to play the most and was disappointed when it was taken down. Fortress began in wild west wild fortress and I enjoyed the thrill of defending more than attacking. Then the arrival of advanced racing by sine.wav was wicked! Originally I didn't like the camera but got used to it and became a great racer and loved the epic maps.

This continued from 2007 - 2010 when I finished high school. Thus began my life as a university/college student. First ever clan created that I joined was 0101 - Galactic Warriors. It was a struggle as I was quite serious about clans but it went down after a while. Of-course I created Phantom Knights but it wasn't as serious and then I joined another clan which also disbanded after members decided to split powers.

It was in 2012 I decided to create a group. This group would eventually become known as Alpha Project. The main intent of this group was to test and experiment with the game. Then we dived into the code which proved to be tough for me. Together with my partner, fman, we achieved many great things. Unfortunately most of which are not known since I don't update the community about them much.

Then as the group slowly grew larger I made a policy that it will not be involved with clans. It mainly had to do with the experiments we did in the code. Naturally some of the code has been implemented into 0.4 trunk version. There are many amazing things available in +ap but it is now up to owners and devs to implement them.

Every work of mine are open source which you can use freely. I did a lot of things with Durf so ask him what they are as they are awesome! I will however stop hosting alpha project servers and services eventually. So please backup all the stuff you need from us before we completely shutdown. My partner, fman, might be able to host the wiki and the other services but I'll have to talk to him about it.

This brings me to my retirement. This will be the last time I will appear here or in the game. This will also be the last chance I will get to speak my mind. Some of you might be glad to see me go but hear me out for the last time, please.

To everyone who supported me and my work and group, thank you. I truly appreciate your encouragement and motivation these past few years.

To anyone I upset, hurt, insulted or disliked, I am truly sorry. Sometimes I get carried away due to being blinded by negative emotions. If I hurt you in any way, please accept my sincerest apologies.

To all of the community, I will miss you and thank you for the wonderful times and memories. It was fun these 9 years of playing armagetron advanced.

Goodbye everyone and keep on tronning! ;)

P.S I'm sure some of you might say I will return which is true for most cases but not this time. Once I have made up my mind about something I will stick with it for the rest if my life.

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by sinewav »

Good luck! You have done a lot of good things and we will miss you commits.

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by Renegade »

Good luck with your future endeavors, friend :^)

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by Z-Man »

Yes, good luck.

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by takburger »

Thanks for the dev stuff, enjoy retirement and come back if you like :)

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by custang »

LOVER$BOY wrote:I and my friends played on it in lan.
HAHAA! This reminds me of when I first played tron, one of my mates was playing during class and got caught and the teacher asked what he was doing, if he was playing games in class (the whole class was basically on the lan server haha), he replies "no, it was just my screensaver". Teacher asks him to show the screensaver so he brings up the "pipes" screensaver hahaha classic teacher said sorry and continued with class :roll:

pipes screensaver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPZb8HoQgH8

anyway, I didn't really know you even though I started playing about the same time as you, good luck on your future endeavours!
bring back ddl!

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by Word »

Good luck with everything.

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by delinquent »

Dammit! Now what am I gonna install when I wipe my disks?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by Fippmam »

Aw, cya Loversboy ;)

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by kite »

Best of luck dude, thanks for all of your contributions to Armagetron.

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by |CPU| »

Farewell, i'll remember the short lived time in 0110 with dz, beitzer and anyone else.
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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by Vogue »

I don't think I've ever once played with you in all those years. Your name reminded me of something negative in my country, "Lover Boys", so I always pictured you as a sleazy pervert. :P Goodbye!

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by woof »

Thanks for all your contributions, praying for the best for you, cya :)

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by bilbo baggins »

good luck hacker!
thx for racing

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Re: I'm Retiring

Post by Oparachukwu »

How come you didn't mention eR? o.o
and no1 ever quits tron lol
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