TronWatch - Armagetron Player Statistics

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TronWatch - Armagetron Player Statistics

Post by Novocaine »

TronWatch is a little project of mine that displays statistical online-time/place data for each player name. Feel free to check it out ;)


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Post by saragei »

Big Brother. I found "Global Player Stats" scary enough. Nice work though, good for statistics freaks.

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Post by Loor »

It lies :O

It says that my first appearance was February. I've been playing for over a year.

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Post by epsy »

because the script actually started in can't guess

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Post by Concord »

I'm afraid

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Post by Tank Program »

Creepy, but awesome site design.

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Post by sinewav »

Holy S**t. That's awesome. I'm really impressed with the look of the site as much as the stats. I just looked myself up and now I feel like a loser. Haha! Good job Novocaine!

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Post by tonybbb »

hes ******* stalking me.

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Post by K-Yo »

I like it, it's incredible... I already knew we had no privet life but I didn't know you could even get the hours spent on every server...
very nice work dude ;)

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Post by 2020 »

hold the line

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Post by zoidberg »

wow novocaine!
that's awesome _AND_ scary at the same time :)
well done with the design tho, most server stats pages aren't so pretty and shiney ...

Hopefully the super-competitive players won't get ahold of this little oracle..

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Post by Paladin »

Very nice design on the site and a really neat idea.

And let us hope the lobsters never do either Zoid.

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Post by node7 »

I told you how great I think the site looks and works a couple of times in person already Novocaine.

I do not think the system or idea is scary in any way - the data is there and TronWatch just parses it in a nice and efficient way. Finding players has not been easier since Armabell.

Great work, really.

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Post by wrtlprnft »

Something appears to be wrong with it, though. It didn't update for almost two days, and I don't get any requests in my apache logs from…
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Post by nara »

o___o;; I spend that much time on arma? Better quit soon.

This is something that'd come out of "1984"....good work though ; )

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