Anything u'd consider Arma quality/fun (other opensource gam

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Anything u'd consider Arma quality/fun (other opensource gam

Post by libr8d »

Well, hey.

Veteran Arma player here.

Anything else outthere that rings your bells?


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Post by Genki »

tremulous, soldat

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Post by Lucifer »

scorched3d, freeciv when I'm not busy hating it

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ty ;)

Post by libr8d »

Thanks guys.

Will go check 'em out.

Being away from bits and bandwidth for a few years (more or less - I'm sure something unimaginable by some) -

I, on the one hand,

get this dorky excitement from bitty stuff

and, on the other

get this longing


well, I get this picture

of a simple

back against
a simple

simple desert all around.

oh well.

oh, thanks again.

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Post by DDMJ »

/me smells 2020's writing style above :P

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Post by Jonathan »

2020's style isn't that broken up.

My first years were mostly without electronics, by the way. After that use increased, but it wasn't until I was between 9 and 11 that a real trend developed. I wouldn't object to going back to before that if it wasn't for the disruption of continuity.

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Post by k »

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Post by epsy »

DDMJ wrote:/me smells 2020's writing style above :P
/me trought that was a noob.
/me ... was right.

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Post by Concord »

I sense a
code withdrawal syndrome

I have written,
on paper,
and waited for
the answer

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Post by Misery »

Think... Star Wars + Star Trek + Homeworld.
I know... Odd combination. But if you take the time to get into it and you will see it for the gem it truly is. Such a wonderful FREE game. :D

From the site...

Furious Space Action Combat

* Dodge bullets, missiles and asteroids in a 3D environment. Charge your enemies head-on, or sneak up behind them and kill them when they least expect it. Stunning, colorful effects and explosions intensify the furious combat experience.

* Defend the honor of one of several unique factions, each of which have unique properties and spacecraft. Choose between different ship and weapon types. Create massive space stations, or captain capital ships. Choose strategically, there is no turning back.

Incredible Multiplayer Experience

* Break free from predictable wingmen and drone enemies. Allegiance is built from the ground-up to be an evolving, unpredictable challenge with and against other humans.

* Play a variety of roles like scout, fighter pilot, turret gunner, bomber, capital ship captain, base defender, and commander. Knowing where you are needed most is crucial. Individual, split-second decisions may determine whether you win or lose. Each game and each player's experience can be unique.

* Learn on the fly. New players can learn while playing by taking on subordinate, single-action roles.

Strategic Squadron Play

* Invest in success. Choose to play conquest games, where development and management of crucial resources are keys to your success. Progress through a rich technology tree full of unique weapons like sniper rifles, advanced bases like the deadly shipyard, and specialized spacecraft like the Assault Ship.

* Communicate with your squad-mates. Features like instant voice-chat make essential communication with your squadron quick and easy. Gather your wingmen and swarm an enemy sector in a sudden, deadly attack.

* Master the strategy. Any player can access the top-down strategic overview, giving them a full view of what's going on in the game. This allows would-be commanders to get a bird's eye perspective of the game and to issue strategic and tactical objectives to teammates and mining/building drones.

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