Alpha Project - Soccer Update

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Alpha Project - Soccer Update

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Update name: Soccer Update
Committer: LOVER$BOY

So hello armagetron players and programmers ;)
LOVER$BOY here to present to you another update that I've been delaying. I was actually intending to wait till my hoster got his VPS back online but I couldn't resist the urge to release this and let the community know of my latest work.

So, from this update you can gather that I'm talking about the soccer games that take in the real world. While in the cyber world, our lives have only seen wild ones like fortress, capture the flag, racing, fast track and much more customized servers. With this update however, you get to see new and fantastic zones.

These new zones are called "Soccer" zones. They work similar to the ones in real life. You have a "Goal" and "Ball". Each effect for a map described in a DTD file as "soccerball" and "soccergoal". Using these, you can make a soccer server.

For demonstrations, I've uploaded the configs for a demo soccer match in local/LAN game for you all to test. It can be found in examples/crazy/soccer.cfg (within your configs folder).

At the same time I made the soccer stuff, I've also added a couple of commands and they are quite impressive. I won't go into details here because as I've covered them in my NEWS-BRANCH, you can go ahead and read it ;)

I really hope this update will get people to do something useful with it ;) Like start a new game type, with soccer zones. I would simply love that :D

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