Activity? :(

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Re: Activity? :(

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Hoax wrote:
Word wrote:I couldn't neither. i asked the other guys why the hell fortress is full again all of a sudden but nobody seemed to have clue. at some point the server was even a lot fuller than on the screenshot, and not just with some random people who just discovered the game (Hoax was there!).
Wasn't me!
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Re: Activity? :(

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compguygene wrote:Here are some links.


Those are the three servers that are Armagetron related that I have my discord set to connect to. The second one is the most active and people do use it to organize playing together.

Nice! Appreciate that. Added them.
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Re: Activity? :(

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Well, the spammers have been particularly active the last few days. I just disapproved something like 50 posts from spammers, and I checked earlier today!

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Re: Activity? :(

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I don't know what made me think of this game again, it was so out of the blue. But, I am so glad to see there's still some life left even though I can remember so few names now

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Re: Activity? :(

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Sup guys
Lucifer wrote:I think you got the wrong thread, this thread is the one where we're debating banning sinewav and dubStep until they have a threesome with dubbie's mother.

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