Muh Birthday.

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Post by Lucifer »

You know, when I was a kid, I would've said "Cool, ram and a video game!" But now, I guess my neck's turned red, 'cause that's a freaking cool knife. ;)

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Post by DrJoeTr0n »

HA ha ha, yeah I love that thing the most and happy birthday buddy :wink:

EDIT thats the pic of it. Clearly its just for widdling tooth picks... out of people :roll:

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Post by iceman »

handy for trimming toe nails
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Post by Walking Tree »

iceman wrote:handy for trimming toe nails
maybe your great green ones...

but that's a cool knife... I'd prefer the RAm if it fit into my comp...
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Post by Sabarai »

Happy Birthday Joe :D

Happy Birthday Lucifer :D

I'd prefer the knife to fit it into my comp :twisted:

Over here 17 and 19 suck, sorry :P

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Post by SuPeRTaRD »

nice knife

it reminds me of a gerber mach (IV?) that i almost bought once

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