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BIONIC projects

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You're probably familiar with [email protected], and I knew there were similar projects, but I had no idea there were so many:

Anyone here run BIONIC software on a Linux server, and if so, what is your experience? I've been thinking about donating some CPU cycles for science. I work in science, and were were talking about adopting the BIONIC platform for our lab's research. I know it's a stretch, but anyone familiar with the BIONIC API?

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Re: BIONIC projects

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If you're going to do folding, mining, or anything similar, you're going to want to get into GPU processing. CPU is basically useless in comparison. I've done both folding and mining on Linux rigs, and there's never been an issue with it. It basically runs the same as the Windows versions, though I've never run it headless. I'm sure there are headless clients available to make it easy though.

When it comes to choosing hardware, AMD has always been the leader here when compared to Intel. You can argue that Intel or AMD has a better gaming experience, but this is a completely different game. If you plan to compare or purchase any cards for this, I would suggest checking them out on GPU Boss before committing. With some recent folding competitions opening back up, you're getting in to it while prices are a little higher. My step brother just unloaded quite a few 1070's while the prices are up.

Also note that if you get a little further into this, the price of power and cooling is going to be noticeable.

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