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Ok, I still don't know how to spell Charlottesville. Anyway, after collecting my thoughts and sorting through feelings, I found the story that I needed to tell, and here it is.

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Re: Charlottesville

Post by sinewav »

I hate when I catch myself being racist. It's not even real racism. It's simply that silent judging we all do when we are feeling outwardly frustrated toward others. You pick something about the person and think "ugh, you stupid ______, why can't you be different?"

Growing up in Chicago I got a lot of healthy exposure to different cultures. My family was racist, but I managed to avoid that overt, inherited racism most people suffer from. However, there was a short period of time where I was blind to my white privilege because things in my life were really in the bucket. I eventually came to my senses.

A friend of mine who has lived in Texas for the past decade became quite racist, which bothers me a lot. He was never like that. Your surroundings do that to you. I became slightly prejudiced against Koreans when I worked in a Chinese restaurant! WTF.

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Re: Charlottesville

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I have a cousin, one year younger than me, who studies the same as I do, thankfully in a different town though, and he's currently going through - what I hope - a racist phase. Fortunately he has a different name, but I'm already thinking about how to best avoid or confront him if he's getting a higher position later on. He used to be in the social democrats' party, but turned to the far-right when they didn't allow him to be a candidate in some rather unimportant election within the party.

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