April fools?

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April fools?

Post by Misery »

Was there no April Fools thing done by Tank this year?

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Re: April fools?

Post by Light »

Probably the lack of an audience. :(

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Re: April fools?

Post by Monkey »

I was wondering this as well. I thought maybe Lucifer may have had something planned. Guess not :(
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Re: April fools?

Post by Lucifer »

No, it kinda snuck up on me this year. Sorry.

On the flip side, I've got comics queued up again, for all of this week, with a technical problem leading to two getting put up today. Now I need to draw some more, heh.

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Re: April fools?

Post by Word »

Yeah. I don't even remember last year's april fool's. Did anyone see/talk to Tank recently?

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Re: April fools?

Post by sinewav »

Time to start planning next year's!

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