Star Trek: Beyond

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Star Trek: Beyond

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Ok, what about the other big science fiction movie franchise? you know, the one that isn't Tron?

Finally saw Star Trek: Beyond the other day, and it was the opposite of what I expected. Instead of being really bad fan fiction (like it's two predecessors), it was really entertaining. It was actually about something, other than being a Star Trek movie, that is. They eliminated Kirk and Spock's dumb feud, broke up Spock and Uhura's dumb romantic relationship, and short of restoring Vulcan to life, they basically undid all the damage the other two movies had done and managed to do it while still telling a great story.

I should have expected more than I did, I realize now, in hindsight, since Simon Pegg wrote the screenplay. But hey, we have a reboot movie that can rub shoulders with Insurrection and the Undiscovered Country. Maybe there's still hope that we can get one more Star Trek movie on the level with the Wrath of Khan and First Contact? Maybe we can get a screenplay from Simon Pegg and Jonathan Frakes to direct?

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