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Re: Apology

Post by Z-Man »

Nowai. Mods get the last words.
Lucifer wrote:Like Z-man said in a thread I linked here, regularly abusing the mods is expected and accepted here.
And in fact, I only consider my job done once I received abuse from all sides! (Edit for those as dense as myself: Psy informed us via PM his (edited and restored) posts was not actually meant that way, but as a demonstration of what others seem to get away with. Fooled me there!)
Phytotron wrote:And Z-Man may recall the lengthy PM exchange(s) he and I had from around that time, where his arguments basically boiled down to, "yes, we're holding you to a different standard than that whole group. People who are expected to misbehave will be allowed to do so, and you'll just have to suck it up and take it, else we'll come down on you. It's all on you. It's your own fault for wearing that short skirt."
That's misinterpretation I need to clean up, sorry. I would not usually abuse mod powers to respond to an actual point. Yes, I do expect you to behave better than the others, but only because you claim to be the last beacon of hope for civilization and education around here. Practice what you preach, essentially. I may not have expressed myself correctly back then. The old PMs are lost, I think, and even if they are not, I probably would not be able to find them.