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theroze wrote:BUMP

So I got this game for christmas, awesomeness itself, but I'm a little frustrated now: Got the vamprism on level 4 now, so I try to "drink blood" from some random villagers to get back to level 1 again and be able to get rid of the vamprism. The way to do that is by activating the camouflage skill and trying to sneak behind their backs. Problem is, they already notice me while im still 10 metres away from them; they dont really see me, but they hear me. When I try to move, they notice im there and attack me.

Any way I can solve this? This vampirism is really bothering me, especially on level 4 when NPCs always attack me.
Get your sneak level up?
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apparition wrote: I've spent a few nights since then staying up WAY too late playing... I can't believe it.
I know what you mean. :/ The game just sucks you in.

I don't know what to do in that situation roze, I haven't had to deal with the whole vampirism thing yet ahaha. I guess just get your sneak up like sylla said, or look it up on the interwebs, since I'm sure that someone has had the same problem

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Haha, well, is gonna take me around 10s of hours to get on a high level..Actually, I'm thinking about starting the whole game again, I'm not that far yet..I'll have another look into it today. Thx for the replies!
apparition wrote:You being able to kill so many players that quickly and efficiently is evidence that the community skill level must be dropping... Sad :/
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I used to be an adventurer, but then I took an arrow to the weave.

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I'm going on 40hrs of game time in three days.. this game is way too addictive. :|

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Pr3 wrote:I'm going on 40hrs of game time in three days.. this game is way too addictive. :|
I had more like 25 in 2 days, I decided to take a break yesterday

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Pr3 wrote:I'm going on 40hrs of game time in three days.. this game is way too addictive. :|
Don't worry. Since the full game takes 350 hours, if you continue that for... a month, you'll be fine.

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Anyone using one or the other of:
SkyBoost: ... t-topic-3/
I'm loving Enhanced Night Sky, but am becoming somewhat disillusioned with the Skyrim HD 2k Texture pack. Find the snow texture to be too repetitive when viewed from a distance; essentially, a small desktop image set on tile mode.

This article may help.

May have to take a bit of a break from Skyrim. Have quite the backlog of games to play from the Steam Holiday Sale. Still trying to Day of Defeat:Source along with some coupons and an Amazon promotional $5 credit for NFS:Hot Pursuit though. :P

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