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http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work/ar ... tem-fastco

I found this pretty interesting. I know there are many programmers/ people with jobs relating to this topic, so I wanted your input. I don not know technical aspect of the internet, but would this be difficult to implement, realistically?
A few days ago, some local government employed came in and talked to us about this topic in Computer science. He said as long as the internet provider has IP6, and the router supports it, you can connect using the IP6 system. How is that hard?

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Re: IPv6

Post by Jonathan »

The hardest part must be convincing people to actually do it. Some breakage is expected, and nobody wants to be responsible for or an accessory to that. On this day we'll see some of the effects more realistically in the real world. Together with the publicity, hopefully that will finally get the ball rolling. I'm still not holding my breath though.

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Re: IPv6

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IPv6 has been working fine for years. You're not using it yet?

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