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Re: Nice puzzle

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writingsama wrote:Nowhere in the rules was it stated that eventually someone HAS to roll a 6 in general play and end the game.

It didn't say that they MUST eventually roll a 6, its just said that one of them actually did.
writingsama wrote:It didn't even state that the 6-sided die had a side denoting '6'...
It didn't come right out and say that, but it did say that one of them did roll a 6, so it should be assumed that by rolling a 6 on that die, that there is an actual side "denoting 6"
Sue and Bob take turns rolling a 6-sided die. Once either person rolls a 6 the game is over. Sue rolls first, if she doesn't roll a 6, Bob rolls the die, if he doesn't roll a 6, Sue rolls again. They continue taking turns until one of them rolls a 6.

Bob rolls a 6 before Sue.

What is the probability Bob rolled the 6 on his second turn?
EDIT: yea, just trying to say that the puzzle isn't trying to trick you
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Re: Nice puzzle

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But it has five sides with sixes. Seven sixes total, but definitely no twelves (everyone knows each prime factor should be included once, at most, for it to make sense). Also, the puzzle wasn't actually written in English. The author made up his own language that just happens to look like English.

Let me just say that this is a plain, honest puzzle, and keep it at that.

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