Ever wanted a real light cycle?

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Ever wanted a real light cycle?

Post by Majination »

Well, the 90 degree cornering would be a little rough. We might have to settle for something that just looks similar.

Check out this bad-ass concept machine:

http://www.core77.com/blog/object_cultu ... 0.asp#more

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Post by Lucifer »

That's a cool-looking bike, but I have to admit I'd still like it covered. :)

And I'd like to drag a wall around behind me, of course.

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Post by Tank Program »

It really does look like a light cycle. I also bet it's a right pita for the mechanic to service or do any repairs on.

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Post by QUARG »

This might tickle your fancy. an actual production bike that has the same type of lines. The can-am spyer (bombardier)


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Post by Misery »

Oooooo... I like it! But I wouldn't want 90 degree turns in real life. I don't like the idea of my bike going one way while I keep going straight. :D
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Post by ivantis »

it looks a lot like the graphics from the original Armagetron, before it became advanced.
here is a funny story: the 3 years or whatever ago that i started playing, i was showed arma at a friends house, so i went home and downloaded armagetron, no advanced. i got on network game, and no places would let me in! it said my client was too old (but i just downloaded it!). so eventually i realized my mistake

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