I'm vaccinated!

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Re: I'm vaccinated!

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Hey Izzi!! How are you doing? :-D
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Re: I'm vaccinated!

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Izzi! Good to see some more old players returning.

If you haven't found it already, most of the community is in the tron discord: discord.gg/dcpaauj


For anyone reading this and still having concerns about hemorrhaging, the current data suggests that the percentage of patients with such a response is less than 0.001% (edit: and that number is still higher than it would otherwise be, because it includes patients with pre-existing conditions requiring blood thinning treatment) . There are some concerns around certain subsections of the population experiencing minor issues, such as temporary pericarditis (inflammation of the heart tissue), but these are easily manageable with medication, and not life-threatening. The NHS also has a macretype for these patients, so they will be monitored for 72 hours. The NHS is freely sharing this information with other health organisations around the world.

To put this into context, the UK has now vaccinated a huge percentage of its population, and the reports of side-effects requiring medication are limited to, last I read, three patients. That's out of several million. Each of those three patients were released after one night of observation with no further complications.
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