Discord Account Disabled...

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Discord Account Disabled...

Post by aP|Nelg »

I'll preface this by stating that this is a Discord account I've held for probably almost 5 years at this point, since I believe sometime in 2016.

Last night, I joined the Armachesstron Discord, mainly out of curiosity after talking to HeadHunter about it. Apparently that was a mistake, as it basically resulted in this:
Screenshot from 2021-02-12 01-49-55.png
My first idea was to write a message with that support page linked at the bottom of the page. However, within the list of "possibilities" within the auto-response was a piece of text that was relevant:
If our detection system has triggered a phone verification for your account, you'll be required to register a phone number to your Discord account in order to continue its use, as we are unable to lift phone verification requirements on any accounts.
I messed about creating a secondary account, complained to others about Discord, and wrote a reply to that email in perhaps not the greatest of moods asking why they bothered putting a support link on the bottom of the page in the first place if they cannot actually do anything.

However, I figured support wouldn't be of much help, and eventually decided to give in (well)

I had my account back! That was the end of that, or so I thought...

Well, today support did indeed respond, and with the following message:
Screenshot from 2021-02-12 16-04-54.png
Except there's one massive problem with this response. At this point in time when they replied, my account was NOT disabled! I had already verified a phone number to the account by the time support responded. I just assumed that it was another auto or stock response and nobody really actually checked anything. This is why, I suspect, support will be of absolutely no help if they send that stock response before your account is even disabled.


And that's where we lead into tonight when my account actually does get disabled. I was relaxed watching a stream (although not a live one, but that's not important) of someone chatting and building a piece of electronic equipment.

Not thinking about what might happen as a result of joining a Discord or any of the other stuff I've talked about above, I decided to join (or at least look at) their Discord. Very quickly, I'm disconnected and get an email stating
Screenshot from 2021-02-13 00-11-48.png
I am reasonably confident I have not done any of "behaviors" specified in that e-mail. Regardless, attempting to login into my account now results in the textbox turning red and the text "Your account has been disabled."

However, considering both actions occurred after joining Discords, my first conclusion is... was I in too many Discords? See, the thing is, I was in a fair bit of Discords which I had joined throughout the years. (And no, I never counted them, but I take enough screenshots of things that I could probably figure it out). However, I certainly did not enter a bunch of Discords at once. I'd be surprised if at any point I ever joined more than 4 in a month, and on average that figure will almost certainly be less.

Oh, and I have used Ripcord a lot as I really prefer the Ripcord interface. There were a few settings I changed in some installations of it that may not have been beneficial to anti-abuse systems, specifically no idle detection and no typing detection. Perhaps that's something to do with it.

I get that I *could* indeed start over again... but I'd still really prefer to get my original account back. And yes, thankfully, most of my actual usage of Discord is within this community, so its not like I necessarily have to hunt down too many people... but then, there's also a back catalog of messages that'll be lost. Not to mention my own very quiet Discord - does that just disappear? I suppose I should be thankful that Discord is not my only means of communication with the majority of people.

But, I really don't have a lot of hope that I can get my other account back unless I can somehow get an actual human involved instead of just an auto-response...

EDIT NOTE: I made this post partially as a way to vent and partially a way to sort of notify others. Since the initial posting, ~5 days later I have since tried to fix some of the funky wording, especially the title, even though I think it probably doesn't really matter.

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Re: Discord Account Disabled...

Post by delinquent »

There is a subreddit for discord in which discord staff are present, although the quality of their responses may be... not particuarly high.

I'd suggest making a post there, and linking it here so some of us can back you up. That might at least generate more than a canned response.

I might also email Cancel, if I were you, and just apprise him of what happened. He may want to add some disclaimers to the ripcord site. Actually, I'mma message him now...

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